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Sharp EA223WM-BK HDTV Review

One of the new HDTVs to come from Sharp is the LC-60LE636E. This screen measures 60 inches and comes with full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and LED backlighting. Today, the writers from Trusted Reviews released a review about this particular device. The first thing they notice is how inexpensive the TV is. This screen also has an attractive overall design that suggests that it retails for more than what it is currently priced. The image quality was fairly nice with only a few problems with showing standard definition content. The writers did notice some backlight clouding problems as well. But in the end, the writers stated, “There’s so much to love about the 60LE636E that not being able to give it a Trusted Reviews Recommends badge feels genuinely tragic. It looks great, most things about its pictures are great, it has more useful features than is even remotely reasonable to wish for on such a preposterously big LCD TV, and it even manages to sound pretty good. It’s just a hell of a shame that while any £999 60in TV that gets so many things right absolutely demands an audition by any big-screen fan, its single serious flaw is most likely to come to the fore at precisely the moments when movie fans will least want to see it.”

[via Trusted Reviews]

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