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Home Theaters, TV Tuners, and 3D Blu-ray Quality on HD Nation

HD Nation is the place to go to for the latest information about HD content and news. Last week’s episode, the hosts started by showing an article written by the wall street journal showcasing some of the best home theaters that are owned by Hollywood’s top stars. The major news article in this episode talks about the new TV tuners that come from SiliconDust. The company has two new models, the HDHomeRun and HDHomeRun Prime. The hosts highlight the fact that these devices simply connect to the TV and do most of the work themselves. The tuner does connect to your home theater network and provides an excellent display. The hosts finish the show by looking at which version of HD movies are better, the 2D version of a 3D disk, or the 2D only version. It was stated that the 2D only version more often has the higher bit rate, which equates to a much higher image quality.

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