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Logik L323CD11 HDTV Review

One of the many HDTVs from Logik is the L323CD11. This screen measures 32 inches and comes with WXGA (1366 x 768) resolution and an 1100:1 contrast ratio. Today, the writers from Trusted Reviews published their experience with this device. The first thing they noticed was that the TV is incredibly cheap. This is good for those with low budgets, but it also means that many features had to be sacrificed. The writers noted that the TV has rather poor contrast and a limited viewing area. But watching 3D content was fairly nice. The writers also enjoyed the fact that the TV comes with 10 pairs of 3D glasses. But in the end, the final verdict was, “While the L323CD11 is a solid 3D performer provided you can work within its tight viewing angle limitations, its at times significant problems doing justice to 2D material just can’t be ignored given that 2D is likely to make up the vast majority of your viewing time.”

[via Trusted Reviews]

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