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Last week on HD Nation, the hosts talked about the troubles of glasses wearers having to wear two sets of glasses in order to watch 3D content. This week, one of the readers wrote in showing off their Do-It-Yourself 3D prescription glasses where he took the lenses from his old glasses and glued them to the frame of a pair of 3D glasses. He admits that the design is a little flimsy at the moment and is rather crewed in design, but it works wonderfully for his needs. Another segment on the show breaks down and tells exactly what Energy Star is. Energy Star is the energy consumption standard that was created to help reduce consumption through electronics and home appliances. Lastly, the hosts answer a user’s question about purchasing the extended warranty for HDTVs. The hosts recommend not purchasing it and have never had to with any of their own purchases. They stated that if the TV needs replacing or repair, chances are it will show the problems within the 30 day free exchange period.

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