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Samsung TA950 HD Monitor Review

One of the latest HD monitors to come from Samsung is the TA950. This device measures 27 inches and can deliver HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and 3D content. Today, the writers from Trusted Review released their experience with this display. The first thing they mention is that the company states that this screen is a hybrid between an HD monitor and a 3DTV. It has the high resolution and image quality of a monitor, but has all the Smart TV features that are typically found with Samsung’s high-end HDTVs. The writers were content with the connection panel as well as the overall design of the TV. They would have liked to see though a better viewing angle and possibly a screen that could swivel or tilt better. The biggest complaint however was the retail price, which makes this screen almost unattainable for the normal consumer. The final verdict the writers made was, “Samsung’s 27in Series 9 TA950 is the slimmest and most attractive TV monitor hybrid available. It’s stuffed with all the connectivity, features and extras you could want. It’s an accomplished media player, offers Apps for social networking and video content, includes a wireless dongle, backlit remote and active 3D glasses, and its audio talents are sufficient to convince. However, for all its assets and picture quality strengths, there are a few caveats you wouldn’t expect from a product in its price class. This is largely due to Samsung’s use of a TN panel, so if you’re not tight on space, a ‘straight’ PVA-based 32in 3D TV is a more compelling alternative.”

[via Trusted Reviews]

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