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Samsung PS51D6900 HDTV Review

One of the new plasma HDTVs to come from Samsung is the PS51D6900. This device measures 51 inches, diagonally and can display full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and 3D content. Today, the writers from Trusted Reviews released their experience with the D6900. One of the first things they mention is the incredible value. The TV is very affordable for a screen so large. Part of the low retail price though is because this screen does not feature a web browser or Skype capabilities. But even with out those features, the writers thought that the online access was very well thought out and designed. One of the best aspects was the image quality for both 2D and 3D content. The only setbacks were some problems with the black levels and the writers noticed some motion judder at times. The final verdict was, “Samsung’s PS51D6900 isn’t the last word in plasma picture performance. That honor still belongs comfortably to Panasonic’s 2011 GT30 and VT30 models. What the PS51D6900 most definitely does manage to be, though, is easily the best value 3D screen we’ve seen so far, delivering a level of performance and functionality that far, far exceeds anything you’ve got a right to expect of its sub-£1000 price. In fact, we’ve got a feeling that although it’s only May, we might just be looking at the TV bargain of the year.”

[via Trusted Reviews]

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