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Who doesn’t like high definition? The hosts of HD Nation bring to best of HD news to show today. The first subject they talk about today is that VLC has released their 1.1.0 digital media player. This is considered be one of the best free media players available on the internet. The hosts actually call the VLC the Swiss army knife of media players. Another announcement that they make is that NASCAR will be filming at least one race in 3D. The race is the Coke Zero 400 and there will be filmed by Turner Sports. One of the viewer’s questions today asked about buying Blu-ray versions of the old movies. The hosts state that any movie that was shot with the cinema was shot in HD. However they do not all have the widescreen format that modern movies have. The reason why most people think that old movies can’t or shouldn’t be turned into Blu-ray is because they believe that because of the quality and time period of the movie that they weren’t shot in HD. However when cleaners do a good job fixing the films and remove all little defects, the film can then look just as good if not better than when it first debuted. One of the more exciting portions of the show this week was the top five list, which features the top five iconic 80s movies in HD. The list includes favorites like St. Elmo’s Fire, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Heathers, Ghost Busters, Trading Places, RoboCop, Top Gun, and Friday the 13th.

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