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HD Nation Explains 3D Technology

This week on HD Nation, Robert and Patrick talk about the latest HD news and the latest HD technology. One of the newest announcements that they talk about is Sony’s release of their BRAVIA NX800 and NX900 series HDTVs. The most notable feature is the tilted screen which is designed for people who put their TV a little lower like on a coffee table. The hosts also answer a fan’s question about what 3D Ready means. The first point that the hosts make is that retailers are selling bundles of 3D equipment for thousands of dollars and there is no content available for the systems. They also highlight that right now there are only two companies, Panasonic and Samsung that are releasing 3DTVs. True Mitsubishi does have some 3D Ready DLP HDTVs currently on the market, but because they were released before the 3D Blu-ray standard was finalized, they are not compatible with the 3D players. Fortunately, though Mitsubishi is correcting this problem by creating a converter box that will be available soon. The last question that they answer asks about the frames per second rate of 3DTVs. Since a normal TV uses only 60Hz, then why isn’t 120Hz considered 3D capable? The hosts explain that the 120Hz is not fast enough to create a “flicker-free” image. The truth is that the problem is with the shutter glass lenses. It is able to match the frame rate of the TV, but it is actually performing four functions instead of two. Each lens needs a turn on and turn off frame. This means that in order to create a decent 3D image, the TVs need to display four times the frames per minute.

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