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HD Streaming to Your TV on HD Nation

HD Nation talks about the best HD content that is available now and on this week’s show they state that the 2010 Winter Olympics with out a doubt is the best HD show available today. In order to see the Olympics in HD quality, the hosts recommend going to NBC’s website and stream it from the site. The best part of it is that it is free to watch. In other news with watching HD content from online, Robert has announced that they have found a new app online for windows media player. This will allow anyone to have a media server instead it only being reserved for those with big pockets. The program allows a user to have a quick and easy access to movies or TV shows that they have stored onto a hard drive. Another internet related topic that the hosts talk about includes their top five list. This week, the hosts reveal the top five legal websites to stream HD content. The list includes Hulu Desktop, Netflix, Comedy Central, Youtube XL, and Over the Air.

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