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Why Some People Don’t Like HDTV

With the majority of America owning HDTVs or HD products, you would think that everyone likes the technology. According to MSNBC that isn’t the case. They have recently listed their top five reasons why they hate HDTVs.

The first explanation is the detail. HDTVs are known for having incredible image detail and are capable of showing every texture of every surface. The problem that MSNBC has is that it also shows every blemish, pimple, drop of sweat, and any other imperfections that might easily be hidden with makeup.

Another problem that is on the list deals with what happens with HDTVs are used for normal resolution TV shows. To compensate, most HDTVs will show the image in a standard format, which unfortunately is smaller than the actual screen size. The other side effect is that the TV will produce black bars on the sides of the display, similar to the black bars above and below wide screen displays.

Next on the list is that some cable stations do not show the same quality of HD content. Common sense would normally tell people if one show looks better than the other, then naturally you’d watch the better show. But this could prove bad for any network that falls under the worse of the two options.

One of the actual valid points MSNBC makes is about the over priced HDMI cables. While not all cables are overpriced, many companies charge an arm and a leg in order for you to enjoy a true digital format. One of the more infamous overpriced cable companies is Monster Cable, who tends to charge up to $80 for a three foot HDMI cable.

Last but not least MSNBC talk about calibrating your HDTV. Not all TVs are ready to go when you take them from the box and can sometimes be troublesome to setup. However, there is no real need to go to a professional and pay hundreds of dollars to get a professional calibration when you could download free calibration utilities online.

[via Cyber Theater]

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