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ViewSonic SWB6552 LED HDTV

The ViewSonic SWB6552 is an ideal large format interactive solution for classrooms and meeting room. The multiple touch allows multiple users to simultaneously write or draw on the board with their fingers or styli. A Full HD LED screen guarantees crisp and vivid content.Visually attractive. Best of all, its built-in PC and complimentary ViewBoard software make it perfect for running a wide range of Microsoft Windows 8 apps. Create a more interactive learning and meeting environment with this ViewSonic 65\" ViewBoard !

With multi point simultaneous touch technology this large-panel display encourages group interaction. Great for interesting group activities, two or three users can simultaneously write or draw on the display’s surface at the same time! And its superior touch report rate provides a smoother user touch experience for both educational and corporate applications.

We’ve pre-installed our simple and easy-to-use ViewBoard software on all of our ViewBoard series. With various tool bar options that allow you to write, draw, save and share, the presenters can better highlight the contents. It also features screen recording, magnifier and spotlight features that make office presentations, in-classroom and distance education learning more productive, interactive and efficient.

With the unique edge border design that redefines the relationship between the bezel and panel, in particular operating under Windows 8, there are no more dead angles. This design provides an improved user touch experience, and with an easy pull out charm bar, the presenters can operate all Windows 8 functions more efficiently and productively.

The Windows 8 and MS Office software make it great for office and school use for any sort of presentations. The built-in browser enables the presenters to show content directly from the Internet. Windows 8 creates great interactive experience that helps to share and upload data, connect and collaborate, and even create presentations, which largely improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Presentors now have more options and Windows® 8 apps to choose from. Now there is greater access to various education applications, including storytelling, math-related and language testing programs and more. Your students or audience members will surely benefit from the productivity and interactivity that this offers.

Utilizing powerful Intel® processors, ViewSonic’s ViewBoard series provides the computing power needed for multimedia applications. educators. This means smooth, high-speed video performance, highdefinition graphic, gaming capability and more. It’s great for multi-tasking, letting the presenters can open multiple screens and applications without slowing the system down. Increase class efficiency and productivity even more with ViewSonic’s ViewBoard series.

Benefit from the improved device connectivity of our ViewBoard series versatile selection of inputs to easily connect and use all the digital equipment in meeting rooms or classrooms. With HDMI, connect to high-definition content sources, and USB, DVI and VGA ports, and have the freedom to focus on the work that is most important.

Students and teachers can use the provided stylus, or their fingers to simultaneously write on our large-panel display. Location is also a key consideration when installing your Smart Whiteboard. That’s why it can be wall mounted for a solid and safe user touch experience. Also, we offer a trolley mount that offers you the flexibility to move your display for a better viewing angle.

Providing a safer learning environment for active students is also an important consideration. That’s why ViewSonic’s ViewBoard series utilizes a rounded-corner design to help prevent young students from getting injured within their classroom environment.

ViewSonic’s ViewBoard series is made even more durable by a layer of 7H-hardness tempered glass coupled with an anti-glare glass. This material combination provides anti-scratch benefits, while improving screen visibility in bright environments.

ViewSonic ViewSonic SWB6552 LED HDTV ViewSonic SWB6552
  • LED Flat Panel™ Display Technology
  • 65.0 in. Diagonal Size
  • 1920x1080 Native Resolution
  • 16:9 Native Aspect Ratio
  • 4000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 103.6 lbs.
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ViewSonic SWB6552 LED HDTV Information
Manufacturer ViewSonic
Manufacturer Part # SWB6552
Production Status Shipping

ViewSonic SWB6552 LED HDTV Specifications
Display Screen Size 65.0 in.
Display Type LED
Resolution 1920x1080
Contrast Ratio 4000:1
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 400 cd/m˛
Backlight Life 30000 hrs.
Size Dimensions (WxHxD) 53.9 in. x 32.6 in. x 4.1 in.
(136.91 cm x 82.8 cm x 10.41 cm)
Weight 103.6 lbs. (46.99 kg)
Input HDMI Interface 2 x HDMI Interface
Composite Video 1 x Composite Video
Composite Audio 1 x Composite Audio
S-Video 1 x S-Video
Component Video 1 x Component Video
Component Audio 1 x Component Audio
PC / VGA 2 x PC / VGA
PC / VGA Audio 2 x PC / VGA Audio
Control RS-232 1 x RS-232
Audio Output Mode Stereo
Output Power 15W
Number Speakers 2
Operation Power Supply 100 ~ 240 V / 50 ~ 60 Hz
Maximum Power 150W
Standby Power 0.5W
Other Features Touch Screen Technology

ViewSonic SWB6552 LED HDTV Accessories
HDTV Cables
Component Video Cables HDMI Interface Cables

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