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Overall rating: Overall Average Rating of 4.0
Construction: Construction Average Rating of 4.0
Features: Features Average Rating of 5.0
Ease of Use: Ease of Use Average Rating of 3.0
Reliability: Reliability Average Rating of 5.0
Image Quality: Image Quality Average Rating of 4.0
Value: Value Average Rating of 4.0
Polaroid Polaroid 1513-TDXB LCD HDTV Polaroid 1513-TDXB

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Reviewed by: grazieb on May 30, 2008

Time Owned: 1 - 6 Months
Image Quality: Image Quality Rating of 4.0
Features: Features Rating of 5.0
Construction: Construction Rating of 4.0
Ease of Use: Ease of Use Rating of 3.0
Reliability: Reliability Rating of 5.0
Value: Value Rating of 4.0
Recommended: Yes

Pros: Thick perspex over screen make it ideal for kitchen
Looks quite stylish

Cons: Does not come with wall bracket
You need the remote control for some functions
USB port VERY slow. Makes for a very slow photo slideshow.
No power-off switch means you have to leave it on standby. Doesn't bother me but will upset tree-hugging hippies.

Review: Same as Hitachi HIT15WDVBDVD just badged differently.
The sound is not brilliant but to be fair the speakers must be tiny. Not all of the features are available if you use the buttons on the side. Pretty good image quality, but who really needs a 15.4" high definition screen, if the screen was 40" then fine. A standard definition screen would have been fine really.

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