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Pioneer PRO-800HD Plasma HDTV

At 43" (Diagonal) the PRO-800HD is smaller than the PRO-1000HD, but it still packs a mind-bending visual wallop. The PRO-800HD delivers all the industry-leading features found in the PRO-1000HD, such as Deep-Encased Cell Structure, PureCinema II, automatic format conversion of analog signals to 768 progressive, and five-step user-adjustable color temperature. It displays movies, TV, and other video plus data from a PC. And it provides the same high level of connectivity, including high-def component video, RGB (for a PC or Mac), and a wide range of other ins and outs. So what's the big difference in the two models besides size? Check out the price tag. The Elite two-year warranty applies.

Pioneer Pioneer PRO-800HD Plasma HDTV Pioneer PRO-800HD
  • Plasma Flat Panel™ Display Technology
  • 43.0 in. Diagonal Size
  • 1024x768 Native Resolution
  • 16:9 Native Aspect Ratio
  • 84.7 lbs.
  • 2 Year Warranty Warranty
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Pioneer PRO-800HD Plasma HDTV Information
Manufacturer Pioneer
Manufacturer Part # PRO-800HD
MSRP $12,000.00
Production Status Out of Production

Pioneer PRO-800HD Plasma HDTV Specifications
Display Screen Size 43.0 in.
Display Type Plasma
Resolution 1024x768
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Comb Filter 3D
Viewing Angle 160
Number of Colors 16.77 Million Colors
Additional Features Pure Color Filter for Improved Color Accuracy
New Deep Encased Cell Structure
Advanced Continuous Emission Display Technology
Screen Adjustment
Black Stripe Coating
High Gloss Black Extruded Aluminum Frame
Size Dimensions (WxHxD) 43.8 in. x 27.3 in. x 4.1 in.
(111.25 cm x 69.34 cm x 10.41 cm)
Weight 84.7 lbs. (38.42 kg)
Input Composite Video 4 x Composite Video
Composite Audio 4 x Composite Audio
S-Video 1 x S-Video
Component Video 1 x Component Video
Component Audio 1 x Component Audio
PC / VGA 1 x PC / VGA
Control RS-232 1 x RS-232
Convenience Features Cinema 3:2 Pull Down 2:3, 3:2
Warranty Parts 2 Year Warranty
Labor 2 Year Warranty

Pioneer PRO-800HD Plasma HDTV Accessories
HDTV Cables
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