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Overall rating: Overall Average Rating of 3.5
Construction: Construction Average Rating of 4.0
Features: Features Average Rating of 4.0
Ease of Use: Ease of Use Average Rating of 4.0
Reliability: Reliability Average Rating of 3.0
Image Quality: Image Quality Average Rating of 4.0
Value: Value Average Rating of 2.0
Coby Coby TFDVD3295 LCD HDTV Coby TFDVD3295

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Reviewed by: Missing Critical Component on Jul 29, 2010

Time Owned: Less than a Week
Image Quality: Image Quality Rating of 4.0
Features: Features Rating of 4.0
Construction: Construction Rating of 4.0
Ease of Use: Ease of Use Rating of 4.0
Reliability: Reliability Rating of 3.0
Value: Value Rating of 2.0
Recommended: No

Pros: Good picture, good value

Cons: Missing audio out

Review: Normally I do not submit reviews, but I felt compelled to in this case because I wish I could have read this before hand and bought another television instead.

My Coby arrived a couple of days ago and I unpacked it and inserted a DVD, as that is the intent I had when purchased (to watch DVD's, almost exclusively). The picture good, and I had not problems with any of the controls. In fact, I would have rated this 4 or 5 stars if not for one key missing element:

The ONLY audio out on this TV is an digital out. I had purchased wireless headphones to listen to this, and there was no place to plug in analog RCA's. I called Coby in disbelief, and they confirmed this was true. So if you have no issue with that, I can recommend this TV, but if you have any ideas of plugging into a stereo or using headphones, it will end up costing approximately another $70 for a digital-to-analog converter. I feel completely conned; it would cost over $40 to ship it back and return it, so Coby (and or the retailer) effectively cornered me into an additional converter purchase.

Buyer beware!

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